Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

First Asylum Reviews

The first reviews of "Asylum" are now online! Thanks to Justin at and Habi from for the kind words.

"Abest's post-hardcore and sludge mix appeals to that part of me. As on their demo, Abest works with just a few sounds on their full length, Asylum. You get bass, drums, chiming clean guitars mixed with distorted riffing, and those meaty, hardcore bellows. The tone of those don't vary much, but don't mistake limited ingredients for a limited sound. The band might leave out the samples, synths, orchestrations, and other ornamentations, but they still conjure up plenty of variety and emotional power. The title track (probably my favorite) shows the full range of what they can do. The jangling dissonance of the opening moves into a slow-paced stomp, then eventually gives way to a quiet, mournful passage before ramping back up to a grinding riff you'll feel in your teeth. The textures range from delicate to soul-crushing. 

The band may be sticking to the basics of what made their demo so enjoyable, but there's also growth. The full-length gives us a more pronounced bass presence that rounds out the sound nicely, and in subtle ways, the music is spookier and more dissonant than the demo tracks. Songs break apart and reform in ways that are unpredictable but utterly satisfying. I have no doubt this will be on my year-end list."


"Dort wo andere Bands das Leiden künstlich und hin und wieder auch kunstvoll verlängern, bleiben ABEST bodenständig und direkt. Atmosphäre kann man auch ohne Tasten, Bits und Bytes kreieren. Die Songs sind nicht immer rund - es holpert schon mal so richtig - das ein oder andere Teilstück hat man auch schon mal gehört, aber den schmalen Grat zwischen Perfektionismus und Langeweile lassen ABEST NEUROSIS und ihre Klone wandern. Die Dunkelheit um ABEST schlägt um sich und hinterlässt Spuren, geistige als auch körperliche." 8 / 10


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