Dienstag, 8. August 2017

September Tour 2017 w/ Farson & GALL

We're going on tour with FARSON and GALL in mid September.

15.09. Frankfurt w/ Organa, Farson, Lovve

16.09. Mühlheim, Zappendvster Fest w/ Organa, Farson +++

17.09. TBA / (GER) w/ Farson + GALL

18.09. Prague, Fatal Music Club w/ GALL

19.09. Krakow / Katovice TBA w/ GALL

20.09. Bygdoszsc w/ GALL (PL)

21.09. Gdynia (PL) TBA w/ GALL

22.09. Warsaw w/ GALL

23.09. Grimma, Wellenbrecher Fest

24.09. TBA (GER) w/ GALL

Feel free to contact us directly via Facebook or preferrably via abestmusic@gmail.com if you can hlep us out.

More infos soon.

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