Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Another review of our split 7" with Absolutist

"2 bands, 2 songs, 8 1/2 minutes of heaviness. Absolutist a 3 piece neo-crust/dark-hardcore band hailing from Ireland starts with a song called “Pain”. Everyone who likes Jungbluth, From Ashes Rise , Momentum or Ekkaia (for me the best neo-crust band ever) will probably love this band. I dig this very much, it’s fast, vehement and straight-forward as hell. At 1:07 begins a raging drum-guitar-sound-storm. Sick, just sick. All in all an amazing well-played bastard. 

Last but not least a young band from germoney called Abest. They play a massive style of post-metal for fans of Alaskan or Red Apollo. You may know the band from the very first “Miss The Stars Sampler” I’ve put out last year. And yeah, I just can say…wow. They’ve really refined everything. Sounds pretty awesome. Very powerful and dark. Can’t wait for the debut full-length. (out feb/mar 2014) 

Both bands are heavy on their own special way. Spinning that one on repeat the whole day. Good mix. Fits all very well (artwork is super-good too)."

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